Kobe Bryant’s Divorce Settlement

Kobe Bryant’s Divorce Settlement

The outcome of famous basketball all-star Kobe Bryant’s divorce is now public, and Vanessa will be walking away with three homes as a result.

The homes are part of the reported $75 million Vanessa will be receiving in the divorce settlement — half the couples’ estimated $150 million fortune.

The couple does not have a prenup and as a result of the laws in California (a community property state) Vanessa may be entitled to half of Kobe’s earnings during their 10-year marriage.  According to ESPN, Kobe is expected to make $25,244,493 just this year.

Divorce documents (via TMZ) indicate that Vanessa requested joint custody of the couple’s two daughters, 8-year-old and 5-year-old Giana. She also asked for spousal support, which Kobe agreed to.

Not long after the documents were filed they released a statement via a representative saying that they had resolved all their issues in a settlement out of court with the assistance of counsel.  A judgement ending their marital status was entered at the beginning of the year.


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